John Kroner

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What had originally started as a four piece band, Soapbox Sound has since evolved into a free-formed music collective led by John Kroner from Bergen County, NJ. The name Soapbox Sound derives from the personal intention of writing songs that have things to say worth hearing. Through different styles influenced from artists such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Dawes, Dr. Dog - as well as classical composers Beethoven, Schubert, and Chopin - Soapbox Sound creates music that is at once powerful and intimate, in addition to melodic and original.


For John Kroner, writing, singing, and performing his own music is an essential aspect of his life. In addition to being the face behind SBS, he is also a working actor, just having starred in the feature-film, “Now Again” that was digitally published by The New Yorker in 2021 and which also features two of his original songs.


The first full-length album to be released by SBS, “Homestead” is due out Summer '22 with the single "Hooked on You" being released last fall as well as "Luna" being released April 22nd. The new album is described as a collection of songs that cover the themes of life/death, love, addiction/relapse, dreams, regrets and which musically draws from all the influences John Kroner has acquired over the years.

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